4 Things You MUST Know About Lighting

1. Lighting is no longer an amenityThe modern bride has a mental picture for her wedding that requires the use of lighting to fulfill it. She may not know what to call it or how to get it, but lighting is a necessity in creating the atmosphere for her dream look. Don’t believe me? Check her pinterest account.2. It takes time to set up good lightingOn average we spend 3 hours setting up the lighting, 1.5 hours taking it down and our technicians are on call during the event for approx. 6 additional hours. Anyone can hang a light, but It takes time to get the details right and ensure a problem-free evening!3. LED lighting is not for every applicationThere are many types of lighting fixtures used in many different applications. LED lighting is great, but not for every application. Wireless and battery power lighting is also very valuable, but if you rely on it for everything you will be disappointed. There are new fixtures and gadgets coming out every day and like computers they become obsolete about the time they hit the shelf! Don’t get caught up in the “race for the latest”. We are committed to finding the most efficient and practical ways to use lighting instruments for your design. However, you can bet that we will not suggest you try to keep up with the hourly trends in electronic breakthroughs and spend more on something you really don’t need. Let us help you create a practical design that you love.4. Brighter is not betterOk, lets face it. when you think of a light, you automatically want the brightest! This is a natural way of thinking. Setting the desired mood with lighting is a carefully calculated process that takes the entire event into perspective. For instance, if you want a nice soft romantic atmosphere then you want consistently low lighting. If you have an extremely bright dance floor, or perhaps a vivid backdrop amidst the romantic look it can create a “lighting conflict” making the candlelight glow on your tables look too dim. This in-turn creates an uncomfortable atmosphere for you and your guests. Keeping the intensity of lighting consistent is key to creating the right lighting design.Inspired by Ben Lawles